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Personal Development

At Fluid Skills we offer Personal Development Courses in canoe, kayak and paddleboarding. These can be done in lots of enviroments:

Bespoke Coaching

Bespoke Coaching 

Darren Joy at Fluid Skills offers specific coaching and expertise in the following areas within paddled sports:

  • White water kayaking and canoeing
  • Mentoring towards your next step
  • Coach education for white water and flat water
  • White water leadership
  • White water safety and rescue training
  • Long term personalised progression programmes
  • BCU awards
  • Confidence issues
  • Skills development

Stand Up Paddleboarding 



Open Canoeing

open canoe skills touring family canoeing

Open Water Canoe Skills Traditional stroke work, sailing and tactical decision making as well as individualised coaching of your paddling. 
This great for any level of paddler to progress their canoeing. Great for nailing your forward paddling or sailing for the first time using canoes.

Canoe AwardYour Canoe Award endorses your skill, judgment and decision making when journeying. You will be confident in planning and undertaking canoe journeys on the water in winds up to and including force 3 taking place on grade 1 rivers with simple eddy lines.

Progressive Canoe AwardYour Progressive Canoe Award endorses your ability to apply appropriate decision making skills for a safe day out canoeing on grade 2(3) rivers and large areas of open water. 

Surf Kayaking



Surf kayak Award   This award is designed to develop your ability to apply appropriate decision making skills for a safe day out surfing.Your Surf Kayak Award endorses your skill, judgment and the decision making required to have a successful day in the surf. You will be confident in gentle surf with sloping and spilling waves with proficient skills to be in control throughout

Progressive Surf kayak Award  Your Progressive Surf Kayak Award develops your surf kayak skills for a fun and safe day out surfing. You will gain the confidence to surf gentle sloping and spilling waves that are no more than double overhead height when seated in your kayak.

White Water Kayaking

Intro River Skills Kayak Looking for an introduction to whitewater kayaking? Interested in taking your flat water or whitewater center paddling skills to the real rivers? In this course we’ll be building the skills you need to successfully negotiate your way down grade 2/3 white water rapids with confidence and poise.

Progressive River Skills Kayak Come and join us on our Moderate Water River Skills Course. This course is aimed at those looking to improve their whitewater paddling skills and confidence. Throughout this course our coaches will work with you to hone your existing skills and potentially introduce you to new, whitewater specific paddling techniques to help you towards your paddling goals.

Advanced River Skills Kayak This course is for those looking to take their skills and apply them to some serious whitewater! Whether you’re at this level already and you’re looking for some river knowledge and tips/tricks or you’re upping your game from Moderate water to Advanced this course is for you. It’s a bespoke course aimed to give you exactly what you need from our very experienced coaches.

Kayak Performance Coaching This is a great course for intermediate paddlers wanting to keep their skills Sharp and smooth. We will use the correct grade of water to coach you (water levels dependant). This means we can look at skills that you may use to tactically and technically descent harder rapids and moves. 

White Water Kayak Award This award is designed to develop your ability to apply appropriate decision making skills for a safe day out white water paddling.Your White Water Award endorses your skill, judgment and decision making to ensure a successful day on rivers up to grade 2.

Progressive White Water Kayak Award Your Progressive White Water Award endorses your judgment, decision making and expertise and requires a good understanding of paddling on grade 3-4 rivers. You should be confident planning and undertaking journeys on a variety of white water rivers. Your confidence should be based upon both proficiency in skills and a broad appreciation of surroundings and environmental context. Your award should be seen as a sound basis for independently building the experience and expertise associated with Advanced White Water Award holders.

Advanced White Water Kayak Award This award is designed to advance your white water skills and your ability to make appropriate decisions for safe days out white water paddling on rivers of grade 4-5. As an Advanced White Water Paddler you will have extensive experience of white water rivers. Your experience will include paddling a wide variety of rivers with different flows, volumes and gradients.


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