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If you have any questions or queries concerning any of our courses then please use the form below to get in touch. Our contact details are provided so feel free to contact us via the contact form or telephone also.

Telephone: +44 7946763667

Current Courses


BC Advanced white water safety and rescue (2023-01-12 /£200)

BC white water safety and rescue (2023-01-14 /£180)

Coach Education

BC White Water Canoe Coach Training (2023-01-05 /£200)

Personal Development

Progressive River Skills Kayak (2022-12-29 /£200)


BC Advanced canoe white water leader assessment (2023-01-10 /£)

BC advanced white water kayak leader assessment (2022-12-03 /£200)

BC Canoe White Water Leader Training (2022-12-01 /£200)