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BC Sheltered Water Coach Assessment

UKCC / BCU Level 2 Paddle sport Coach Assessment picture

Fluid Skills offer BC Sheltered water assessments in two ways, you can book onto a course advertised by us or we can come and assess you at your club or work place with your group.

Both options are a 1-day assessment.You can choose to be assessed as Sheltered water kayak coach or Sheltered water canoe coach or both Sheltered water canoe/kayak coach for your pathway.

When you feel ready for your assessment contact us to start arranging your assessment plan and assessment day.this normally takes up to 2 weeks before your assessment day.

You will need to have completed the British Canoeing assessment prerequisites , Your elearning or Level 2 assessment portfolio casestudy and Workbook.

The assessment focuses on your developmemtal coaching sessions or single craft sessions showing coach understanding.

For more information or book your own assessment date contact us today.


Prior to your Coach Award Assessment you are required to have completed a number of prerequisites. Specific details (and acceptable alternatives) are provided in the Coach Award Course Guide. Here is a summary of the requirements:

Evidence of minimum standards of deployment:

  • In date First Aid Training
  • Safeguarding Training (as required by your Home Nation Association)
  • Full Home Nation Association Membership
  • Aged 16 or over at the time of assessment (18 for Advanced Water Options)

Once all prerequisites are in place, you can complete the Assessment Check In and proceed to your assessment.  



Before presenting for assessment, candidates must complete the Assessment Check In with their Home Nation Association to ensure they meet all of the prerequisites. 

Assessment Check In Service

Check In is a new process for coaches who are planning to attend a Coach Award Assessment course. 

It's free, quick and confirmation sent straight to your inbox*. This should then be shared with the assessor to confirm eligibility for assessment. 

The purpose of Check In is to confirm the coach holds all prerequisites, saving time on the day of the assessment, as the assessor doesn't need to check certificates and paperwork. 

Please do not try to check in unless you hold all prerequisites, including the completion of eLearning link for Coach Award  module (unless you intend to submit your workbook and portfolio).  

Confirmation of Check In will not be issued until the conditions are met. 

Please click here to Check In Online

If you are unable to check in online, please download the Coach Award Check In Document  and send it to your Home Nation coaching office via post or email**.

*Note -  until our system is fully integrated, it is necessary for staff to manually check. Confirmation will normally be issued within 2 working days, providing the evidence is on record. 

**Note – if you are aware that your record is out of date (for example your First Aid has expired) we recommend you email the check-in form to us with a copy of updated certificates.

Assessment Tasks

At assessment, candidates will be required to complete the following assessment tasks 

  • Assessment Discussion Task
  • Practical Coaching
  • Rescue Skills
  • Personal Skills*
  • Background Knowledge, Understanding and Experience

For more information about the Coach Award assessment, please read the Assessment Day Pack. 

*The Personal Skills element of assessment is not applicable to the coaches pursuing the Freestyle, Polo, Racing, Slalom or Wild Water Racing qualifications. It is applicable to all other Coach Awards. 


Upon successful completion of each of these tasks the course provider will recommend the candidate for certification. 

Fluidskills Course information and download page

No course dates currently available.
Please contact us if you would like to arrange or create a new course date.

Current Courses

Coach Education

White Water

BC Advanced WW kayak Coach training (2021-01-11 /£200)

BC White Water Canoe Coach Training (2021-04-08 /£180)

BC White Water Kayak Coach training (2020-12-12 /£180)

Sheltered Water

BC Sheltered Water Coach Training Kayak/ Canoe / Kayak & Canoe (2021-04-17 /£200)


French Alpine Classics (2020-07-18 /£750)

French Alpine Classics (2021-07-17 /£800)

French Alpine Classics (2021-07-24 /£800)

French Alps Advanced White Water Canoe Week (2021-07-17 /£800)

French Alps Whitewater Canoe Week (2020-07-18 /£750)

French Alps Whitewater Canoe Week (2021-07-24 /£800)

Slovenia classics (2020-05-02 /£750)

Slovenia classics (2020-05-16 /£750)

Slovenia classics (2021-05-08 /£750)

Slovenia classics (2021-05-15 /£750)

Personal Development

Advanced white water canoe rescue (2021-01-14 /£160)

Intro river skills kayak (2021-10-16 /£165)

Intro river skills kayak (2021-10-18 /£365)

Progressive River Skills Kayak (2021-10-16 /£165)

Progressive River Skills Kayak (2021-10-18 /£365)


BC advanced white water kayak leader assessment (2021-02-15 /£200)

BC advanced white water kayak leader training (2021-01-16 /£200)

BC advanced white water kayak leader training (2021-04-05 /£200)

BC white water kayak leader training (2021-01-18 /£180)

Open Canoe Leader Development Week (2021-02-22 /£450)