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BC Advanced White Water safety

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Available from 2nd January 2024

Do you paddle on moving water? Do you want the skills to stay out of trouble? Want to know what to do if either you or others get into trouble on the river? Then the Advanced White Water Safety course (AWWS) is for you!

Your course will support you to consider safe practices, provide practical solutions to common issues and appropriate responses to incidents, providing peace of mind when venturing out onto the rivers.

This 2 day course is aimed at those paddling as peers and covers a range of topics that include emergency planning & procedures, chase boating, equipment rescues and scenarios and much more.This course is designed to support paddlers to be independent participants on grade 3 & 4 white water rivers. Paddlers can access the course with their preferred craft which can include kayaks, rafts, canoes and stand up paddleboards.

The Advanced White-Water Safety course is a 2-day programme that consists of 12 modules. This can be delivered in a weekend or modular, over a maximum of an eight-week period to suit you.

Please note, this course will replace the Advanced White Water Safety and Rescue course (AWWSR) on the 2nd January 2024, however both the AWWS and AWWSR are recognised as pre requisites for the relevant qualifications e.g Advanced White Water Leader, Raft Guide Grade 4 etc

  • Motivations and Decisions
  • River Trip
  • Emergency planning & procedures
  • Review and reflections
  • Craft Based Rescues
  • Bank Based Rescues
  • Moving Around Steep Ground
  • Stuck Craft
  • Stuck People
  • Casually Management
  • Scenarios
  • Review and reflections


There will be opportunities to develop and progress your own paddling skills and meet like-minded people during the course. Many of our course candidates develop long lasting friendships, connections and contacts.

You can read the course guide here: Available 2nd Jan 2024

You can look at the skills checklist here: Available 2nd Jan 2024

You can also find a range of free resources here: Safety Resources

There is no need to register for this training course, by using the ‘find a course’ function you can book  course.

However, to get the best from your course you need to feel comfortable swimming in and being around grade 3 (4) water and be able to independently paddle your craft. Holding the Progressive White Water Award the Progressive Canoe Award, Slalom Perform Award etc would put you in a position to fully engage and enjoy your course.

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11/12/2023 - 12/12/2023

Dartmoor southwest

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