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Progressive Surf Kayak Award


No course dates currently available.
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Your Progressive Surf Kayak Award develops your surf kayak skills for a fun and safe day out surfing. You will gain the confidence to surf gentle sloping and spilling waves that are no more than double overhead height when seated in your kayak.

When choosing a place to surf it is important to ensure that you take into consideration the environmental factors. You will continue to develop your decision-making skills on where and when to surf. This will be by taking cues from the bathymetry of the beach, the weather and the swell of the water. You will select the correct equipment to keep you warm and safe on the water. As well as consider the best way to transport your kayak to and from the water.


You will develop your surfing skills and you will be able to better assess the surf zones. This includes looking for a shouldering wave and selecting the correct techniques to help you ride close to it. You will learn how to select the appropriate techniques to match the hydrology of the wave. This award will help you with your steering whilst riding a wave to make your turns as effective as possible. Finally, you will continue to develop your skills on exiting a wave. This will include the best time to exit and how you can use your body position and power transfer for an effective exit.

After each session you and your Coach will reflect and review. You will look at what you have achieved so far and where you would like to go next. This will include considering where you could go for further information, such as observing other paddlers.

Each day we spend surf kayaking further expands our skills and knowledge, creating a more enjoyable experience on the water. With no two surf experiences ever the same, we never stop learning. Continually evaluating the choices we make creates a natural evolution of decision-making ability and skills.


There is no formal assessment for the Progressive Surf Kayak Award. Each session on the water will further expand your skills and knowledge. With no two trips the same, you will never stop learning. You and your Coach will agree where you will go next based around your own skill set and personal goals. The award will then be certificated when you are ready.



Read the award description here: Progressive Surf Kayak Award Description

If you have never kayak surfed before you may wish to look at the Surf Kayak Award.


During this award you will progress your ability to make good choices for an enjoyable and skilful day in surf. You will look at the factors that can affect your decisions. As well as creating proficient use of skills and equipment to allow you to be in control throughout the session. This includes the skills to deal with any mishaps. 

This will include: 

  •  External Factors – Where do we go Surfing? 
  •  Equipment
  •  Getting to the Beach
  •  At the Beach
  •  Surfing Skills
  •  After the Surf Session 
  •  Future Development

No course dates currently available.
Please contact us if you would like to arrange or create a new course date.

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