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BCAB Stand up paddle board coach award training


No course dates currently available.
Please contact us if you would like to arrange or create a new course date.

  • Do you want to coach stand up paddleboarding?
  • Want to support your club?
  • To start a career in coaching paddlesport?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, the Stand Up Paddleboard (Sheltered Water) Coach Award could be for you!


First of all, you will be joining a community of like minded individuals, keen to learn, develop and have fun whilst sharing their love of paddlesport. The Coach Award takes what you know and supports you through formal and informal development opportunities, part of your journey will involve an assessment, but the assessment isn’t the end as we believe in life long opportunities for learning.

The Stand Up Paddleboard Coach Award is used by the self employed, clubs, centres and organisations as an appropriate level of training for coaches who develop individuals paddlesport knowledge and skills in a sheltered water environment.

(we do offer the following qualification options Canoe and Kayak Coach, Kayak Coach and Canoe Coach)



The Coach Award is designed for you, to support  you coaching  paddlers who want to gain/improve paddlesport skills.

You will coach SUP in the sheltered water environment. This will include coaching beginners new to the sport, or paddlers looking to develop their skills.

As a Coach you can work independently or you could be deployed by a club, centre or organisation. Being a SUP Coach allows you to design coaching to support their learners and provide British Canoeing Awards and Training such as:

Note: other experience, training or qualifications may be required find out more in our develop skills section.

There will be opportunities to develop and progress your own paddling skills and meet like-minded people during the course. Many of our course candidates develop long lasting friendships, connections and contacts.


Click through the tabs for more info or read the course guide here.



The SUP (Sheltered Water) Coach has two formal registration requirements, registration and assessment check-in.


Registration can take place at any point on your development journey to gaining a Coach Award, the benefits of registering early are:

  • You will be registered on our learner management system and get access to all of our great resources including the Coach Award eLearning
  • Confidence that you meet the registration requirements for the award
  • We are able to contact you and share development opportunities with you


Registration costs vary a little dependant on the qualification and where you live, for more information you can read the Registration Guide here.



  • You will need to be an On the Water British Canoeing Member - join now British Canoeing Membership (On the Water) 
  • You need to be at least 16 years of age to register
  • Once you're a member you access your membership portal and register through the dedicated platform
  • For more information you can use our Registration Guidance here.

Check In is a process for coaches who are planning to attend a Coach Award Assessment course. The purpose of Check In is to confirm the coach holds all prerequisites, its free, quick and confirmation sent straight to your inbox*. This should then be shared with the assessor to confirm eligibility for assessment. It also gives you peace of mind that you have everything you need in place and you can focus on enjoying your assessment. Please do not try to check in unless you hold all prerequisites, including the completion of Coach Award eLearning module.

  • Confirmation of Check In will not be issued until the conditions are met.
  • Please Check In using your Membership Portal. Under the Menu tab, select Registrations.

*Note - as long as you meet the prerequisites, you will be automatically sent confirmation of your Check In. **Note – if you are aware that your record is out of date (for example your First Aid has expired) we recommend you email the check-in form to us with a copy of updated certificates.


The SUP (Sheltered Water)Coach is made up of four formal elements, however for experienced paddlers/ coaches you could consider Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL) to move directly to the formal element that suits your development click here to find out more about APL.


Typically run over 2 days, the Core Coach Training will develop your understanding of the WHO and the HOW of coaching. You will explore different approaches to coaching, understanding and enabling learning, and some core coaching skills. You will also be supported in evolving your personal coaching development plan to enable you to take your learning into practice after the course. There are no formal Personal Performance Award or Safety Award requirements, however, to get the best from your course you need to feel comfortable in or on your craft and be able to independently paddle on sheltered water. We recommend holding the the Paddle Explore Award before booking on your training (or equivalent)

You can look at a Sample Programme here.

For more information on the Core Coach Training click the Tile Below


Typically run over 2 days the Discipline Specific Training focuses on HOW to coach the WHAT (discipline specific skills) and WHERE you will be coaching. The training explores how to coach technical and tactical skills. The course will help you to plan and deliver safe, enjoyable, progressive coaching sessions and explore specifics to help you coach typical learners in the Sheltered Water Environment on a SUP. There are no formal Personal Performance Award or Safety Award requirements, however, to get the best from your course you need to feel comfortable on your craft and be able to independently paddle on sheltered water. We recommend holding a Personal Performance Award such as the SUP Sheltered Water Award (or equivalent)


You can look at a Sample Programme here.


The Coach Award eLearning is an online set of activities that need to be completed before assessment when completing the BCAB Coach Award. These activities are only available once you have registered for the Coach Award, after which, a log in will be generated and sent to you. You can register at anytime, but it must be complete before you Check-in for assessment. The activities inside this eLearning package are:

  • Coaching Philosophy
  • How Learners/Athletes Learn
  • Stages of Learning
  • Enabling Learners/Athletes to Learn
  • Coaching To Develop Learner/Athlete Learning
  • Coach’s Decision Making
  • Information Gathering
  • Creating an Optimum Learning Environment
  • Structuring Practice Sessions
  • Games With Aims
  • Reflective Practice
  • Planning Coaching Sessions
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Deployment Matters
  • Welfare of Learners/Athletes
  • Equality and Learner/Athlete Needs


We believe in assessments for learning and you will definitely learn a lot from your assessment, to find out more click on the assessment tab.

No course dates currently available.
Please contact us if you would like to arrange or create a new course date.

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