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BC Paddle Sport Instructor

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This paddlesport instructor award is for those new to paddle sport coaching. This was the level 1 coach award but rebranded for 2018 

The qualification is not discipline specific and therefore suitable to coaches who wish to work with paddlers from any of the competitive and non-competitive paddle sport disciplines.

The Paddlesport instructor can plan, deliver and review short coaching sessions, normally with the support of a more qualified coach.

They can work with paddlers at any stage of development; receiving specific training to coach paddlers in their first year of activity and to run taster sessions.

Fluid skills prides itself on the coach education courses and the instructor course is the start point to your long term development in paddle sports coaching.

This is a training and assessment program delivered over a 4-day program.
NB.This course may be split over 2 weekends so please check the dates when booking.

The course covers delivery styles, safety and personal performance in a variety of paddle sports crafts.


Candidates wishing to book on to a Paddlesport Instructor course must register with their respective Home Nation Association.

It is advisable to do this at least 2-weeks prior to the training course.

Registration is the start of the process by which a coach’s training and assessment journey is recorded and gives the coach access to the training resources and Assessment Portfolio for that qualification. Registration is different to booking a place on a course, which is done directly with the course provider.

Registration for the Paddlesport Instructor is open to persons aged 16 and above and costs £45. All candidates registering for the Paddlesport Instructor course will need to be a member of their respective Home Nation Association. 

There is also the eLearning to support you online before,during and after the course - Paddlesport Instructor eLEarning 


On the course coaches will develop the ability to plan, deliver and review short coaching sessions in a safe, ethical and effective manner.

To this end the course will cover ‘how to coach’ skills alongside technical understanding of ‘what to coach’, specifically relating to the skills that beginners need.

How to Coach:

The course covers aspects of these ‘how to coach’ skills:

  • Coach’s role and responsibilities
  • Planning coaching activities
  • Session preparation
  • Delivering coaching activities
  • Evaluating and reviewing paddlesport coaching activities
  • Technical, tactical, physical, psychological aspects of paddlesport
  • Safety

What to Coach:

The course focuses on how to coach introductory core skills:

  • Fundamental Paddlesport Skills (Posture, Connectivity, Power Transfer, and Feel)
  • Lifting and carrying
  • Launching and landing
  • Forward paddling
  • Reverse paddling
  • Stopping (forward and backwards)
  • Steering, turning and manoeuvring
  • Moving sideways
  • Preventing a capsize

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Please contact us if you would like to arrange or create a new course date.


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01/12/2018 - 02/12/2018

Plymouth outdoor education centre - two weekend course 1/2 and 8/9 Dec 2018