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Austria Classics

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After so many years of great trips to the French Alps we are now offering a new 8 day adventure package to explore the classics of Austria and Switzerland.

We offer Airport and train station shuttles From Innsbruck.

The classic course is a great chance to develop your river running on some of the best Alpine white water in Europe.

Accommodation will be bed and breakfast at Area 47 an amazing place for any outdoor person ,with two nights camping in Switzerland.

You can bring your kayak with you or use one of our Pyranha kayaks. We can also supply all of the safety clothing that you will require with your time with us but also we are happy for you to bring your own.

You will need to supply your own thermals,footwear and sleeping bag.



  • Pyranha Burns
  • Kayak paddles
  • PFD
  • Helmet
  • Dry tops
  • Spray decks
  • Throw lines


  • Foot wear
  • Thermals
  • Sleeping bag for accommodation
  • Food
  • Transport to France
  • Personal health insurance


The summer temperatures can go to over 40°c in the day but we are at around 1000m so occasionally the weather can turn a little cool.

The early mornings in particular in late May early June can be a little fresh. Summer heat can bring on quite violent thunderstorms.

Bearing this in mind it may be prudent to bring more than shorts, tee shirt and sandals – ideally long lightweight trousers, a couple of fleeces and a waterproof top and trainers.

A good quality 3- season sleeping bag will make your sleep more enjoyable. There are plenty of supermarkets, restaurants, bars and garages.

If you do forget a couple of items its no big deal.

There is also a pharmacist, clinic and hospital close by.


  • Keep your valuables with you at all times, or lock them away securely.
  • Don't forget your E111 also take out travel and accident insurance.
  • A small first aid kit is use full as well as any special medicine for yourself or your family.
  • Insect repellent and after bite - the area where we are located is not troubled by summer midges; however on warm summer evenings we do some times get a couple of mosquitoes. If you cover up a little and use a little spray there is no problem.
  • A good head torch for night reading
  • Mobile phone service is excellent.
  • We also have a wireless connection.
  • We are at high altitude so there is a high percentage of UV and the sun is very intense. Your UK skin could be quite sensitive so use good sun protection.
  • Because it can be very warm it is very important to drink plenty of water.
  • Again because of the sun and altitude very good quality sunnies are recommended.
  • Good book, ipod, cameras etc

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