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Progressive Canoe Award

Progressive Canoe Award

No course dates currently available.
Please contact us if you would like to arrange or create a new course date.


Your Progressive Canoe Award is designed to progress your judgement, decision making and your understanding of journeying. you work with your coach to tailor your progression and as a result you will be more confident to plan and undertake canoe journeys regardless of where you paddle.


Working with your Coach will work with you to develop your skills and your environmental awareness to allow you to safely paddle on:

As a consequence the Progressive Canoe Award has strong links with our Leadership and Coaching qualifications, in addition it is a great way of ensuring your personal skills meet the requirements of the Moderate Water Canoe Leader Qualifications and Canoe Coaching Qualifications.



Do you want to know more? Read the award description here: Progressive Canoe Award Description

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  • Large areas of open water up to 500m from shore in winds up to and including force 4
  • Sheltered small bays or harbours on the sea  in winds up to and including force 3.
  • Grade 2(3) rivers


You and your Coach will look at the key factors that influence our decisions when planning a trip and ensure that we are in the right place at the right time. Looking at factors such as the weather and location, you will learn to make appropriate decisions. 

This will include: 

  •  Choosing a Suitable Location 
  •  Getting Ready 
  •  Water Etiquette 
  •  Canoeing Skills 
  •  After the Trip 
  •  Future Development


The Progressive Canoe Award has no formal assessment. You will work with your Coach to develop your decision making and paddling skills to undertake safe trips on moderate water. Together you will continually evaluate your choices and evolve your decision-making ability. You will be given your award once you are ready!

No course dates currently available.
Please contact us if you would like to arrange or create a new course date.

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