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Ardeche First Strokes

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Picture this, the Ardeche, clear water, fresh air, beautiful scenery, warm weather, great food and fantastic rivers.

The First strokes course is design to help You take your first steps in canoeing and kayaking over five days.

This course is ideal for people with families that want to start paddling grade 2 or younger paddlers.

It will be run in late June and July to use the lower volume in the river to help you progress and includes a confidence building safety course making you feel more prepared on the river.

The start of the course will be on the slower waters of the Ardeche river, helping you with your strokes, in this relaxing environment with an average temp of 30 decrees. It makes a great place for practising skills even the wet ones and lets us plan your steps of development for the course.

In the afternoon after a picnic by the river you carry the kayaks 10 meters from our lunch spot and get on the white water of the Ardeche, you will be running a sections of grade 2 white water throughout the week in kayak and canoe where we can help you with your river running skills and guide you on your first white water.

The rest of the course will be made up of rivers and sections to aid your development, an ideal venue for learning to use river features, with a grade 2+ white water course.

Also the main run, a grade 2 that has fun big waves and the over night bivi - what a blast and lots more.

By mixing the crafts throughout your week you will pick up a multitude of new skills to use on the river. with the added bonus of a safety course you will leave a safer and skilled person.

Why not book on as an individual? Make new friends, maybe new paddle buddies for future Trips, or as a group of friends looking for a new experience.

For booking or more details take a look at the dates and courses pages of the website.

No course dates currently available.
Please contact us if you would like to arrange or create a new course date.

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