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BC Advanced White Water Kayak leader Assessment

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Fluid skills deliver this course all over the UK and Europe; the assessment will be over one day focusing on personal skills, leadership styles and structures on grade 4 white water.

The course will also cover aspects of advanced white water rescue and safety and first aid.

There will be a assessor observing the day and assessed in a non-interventional and supportive way.

Successful assessment after training at this level indicates that the paddlers can consider themselves advanced white water leaders on Grade 4 white water.

As they can now lead on advanced water, they can do this in a competent manner and have the knowledge and ability to make decisions for the group for a safe decent of the river.

The Award is a leadership award not a coaching award.The Advanced Water Kayak Coach would be the suitable award for this. The advanced leader award is a Pre requisite for the advanced coach award.

A full detailed action plan during the course will assist in your personal development after your course to help you continue your development from assessment.


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