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Surf kayak Award

BCU 3 Star Surf Kayak Award picture

This award is designed to develop your ability to apply appropriate decision making skills for a safe day out surfing.

Your Surf Kayak Award endorses your skill, judgment and the decision making required to have a successful day in the surf. You will be confident in gentle surf with sloping and spilling waves with proficient skills to be in control throughout. Your award should be seen as a sound basis for building the experience and knowledge associated with Progressive Surf Kayak Award holders.

Riding the wave - to get the most from each wave you’ll want to be ableto ride along the wave face. This might require you to go left or right as the wave dictates. When turning, think about looking where you want to be. ‘Future water’ is a term often used to describe this. The shape and speed of the turn can be affected. Whether you’re edging or learning, how you engage your bodyin the turn, the timing and type of stroke you choose, all will affect your turns.



  • Ideally be able to swim
  • kayak experience 


Download the award content for the Surf Awards. Surf Kayak AwardProgressive Surf Kayak AwardAdvanced Surf Kayak Award.

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